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Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan


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Canada's Approach in Afghanistan

In November 2010, Canada announced a new role for its continued engagement in Afghanistan to 2014.

Canada's goal is to help Afghans rebuild Afghanistan into a viable country that is better governed, more stable and secure, and never again a safe haven for terrorists.

Building on the significant progress that has been achieved in the areas of security, diplomacy, human rights and development, Canada’s work in Afghanistan between now and 2014 will focus on four key themes:

These priority areas build on Canada’s 2008 to 2011 programming efforts, support Afghan-developed priorities and sustain progress in key areas that are essential to Afghanistan’s future. Based on Afghan needs, these priorities have been identified as areas in which Canada can continue making a significant contribution to tangible progress in Afghanistan.

Focused on national programming and based out of Kabul, Canada’s efforts support Afghanistan’s and the international community’s long-term goal of transferring responsibility for security and governance to Afghanistan.


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