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Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan


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Regional Diplomacy

Afghanistan cannot be considered in isolation from its neighbouring countries. Good relations, including well-managed borders, are key to stability and security, as well as to long-term economic development in Afghanistan and the surrounding region.

Regional Engagement

Canada’s comprehensive approach to regional diplomacy for Afghanistan seeks to respond to the country’s complex geographic, political and economic dynamics. Building on our past accomplishments, Canada will continue to facilitate dialogue and advance concrete activities to improve cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Between 2011 and 2014, Canada will support projects such as joint training exercises, intelligence-sharing in law enforcement, cooperation between drug treatment practitioners and the establishment of Border Liaison Offices.

Afghanistan Pakistan Cooperation Process

Since 2007, Canada has played a central role in supporting the Afghanistan Pakistan Cooperation Process (APCP) (formerly known as the Dubai Process) as a key mechanism for dialogue between Afghanistan and Pakistan on border management. Through the APCP, Canada helps bring together Afghan and Pakistani border officials to support border cooperation and dialogue between the two countries.

Between 2011 and 2014, the APCP will continue to be the cornerstone of our regional diplomatic engagement, with projects in three key areas:

  • coordinated infrastructure at crossing points;
  • compatible border management systems and training; and
  • institutionalization of dialogue and information-sharing mechanisms.


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